For compounds screens, data points are in singlets. For functional genomic screens we use duplicates. We typically utilize 384 well plates but are flexible in this regard. We can accommodate any plate type ranging from 96 to 1536 well plates. Specialty plates can be handled as well on an as-needed base. We have special rates for consumables with many vendors based on the volume we use. These reduced rates are passed on directly to our screeners.

Please do not let the cost of screening deter you from discussing your assay and interest with MSSR personnel. Limited funds may be available for proposed screens

Internal Rate: $3082.00

JCCC Rate: $582.55

External Rate: $3082.00

Internal Rate: $2684.00

JCCC Rate: $507.33

External Rate: $2684.00

Internal Rate: $3771.00

JCCC Rate: $712.79

External Rate: $3771.00

We offer a full human genome wide set of gRNA’s. These are available as single clones, custom libraries both in viral and DNA forms – typically at a fraction of the price of commercial vendors. As a side note: We can also generate KO’s of interest for you in pertinent cell lines. We recommend to always use clonal lines for maximal experimental performance where possible. The pricing is identical to our assay development charges and especially interesting for JCCC members who are entitled to subsidized rates that are a fraction of the cost of outside companies.
We can also design gRNAs specific to your gene of interest. Our gRNAs are designed and validated to work with our genome editing tools to provide consistent high efficiency editing.We use high performance oligo manufacturing to design our guides. Whether you need an economical solution for routine editing tasks or you want to drive maximum editing efficiency, particularly in primary or stem cells, we have the tools required to introduce your specific edit in your cell line.

Internal Rate: $59.00

JCCC Rate: $11.15

External Rate: $59.00

Request Clones

Internal Rate: $2813.00

JCCC Rate: $531.71

External Rate: $2813.00

Internal Rate: $2963.00

JCCC Rate: $560.06

External Rate: $2963.00

Internal Rate: $2963.00

JCCC Rate: $560.06

External Rate: $2963.00

Internal Rate: $2963.00

JCCC Rate: $560.06

External Rate: $2963.00

Internal Rate: $32.39

JCCC Rate: $32.36

External Rate: $32.39

Internal Rate: $155.00

JCCC Rate: $29.30

External Rate: $155.00


The facility is typically open for consultation from 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Screens may begin earlier and run longer than this allotted time as needed.

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