Mouse and human CRISPR from Addgene



Human and Mouse GeCKO v2 Library

Updated Version ( of which we have the two vector format


The human genome-scale CRISPR-Cas9 knockout (GeCKO) v2 library consists of 122,417 unique guide sequences targeting 19,052 human genes and including 1000 control (non-targeting) sgRNAs. The murine library consists of 130,209 unique guide sequences targeting 20,661 murine genes. There are two versions of each library. The lentiCRISPR v2 still expresses both Cas9 and the sgRNA on the same plasmid but can produce 10-fold higher titers than the original lentiCRISPR backbone. The 2 vector format uses lentiGuide-Puro as a backbone and produces an even higher titer but must be used with cells that already contain Cas9. The lentiCas9-Blast vector is provided with this 2-plasmid version of the GeCKO library.

*Note: These are pooled libraries


Updated Version ( of which we have the two vector format


Each human and mouse set consists of two pools:


human lentiGuide-puro A

human lentiGuide-puro B


mouse lentiGuide-puro A

mouse lentiGuide-puro B

Selectable marker: Puromycin



Selectable marker: Blasticidin